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Professional Data Recovery Service – 4 Reasons Why You Need It

Ever heard of data recovery service? Back in the days, people would use notebooks to store and transfer data. Humans were already moving and using data since time began. The early humans were carving images on rocks. The Romans used wax tablets and papyrus, and scribes were employed to write and transfer valuable knowledge by hand.

Today, we live in a time when file usage and storage are unprecedented. The ability to access, store, and even delete files on the fly with just a finger tap away has never been so easy.

The Daily Data User

Unless you are living under a rock, you are someone who consumes Data daily. When we take photos and upload them on Instagram, it’s already a form of data usage.

Data comes in many forms. It can be notes written on your iPad or smartphones. Some mp3 files you save in your playlist, or daily pictures you store in your gallery. We can’t live without data as it has become an integral part of today’s modern world.

Data Loss and Who Can Be A Victim?

“Nothing lasts forever.” Yes! Not even the photos you collected and saved on your computer or smartphone.

Anyone who stores anything important electronically can lose it all. It can be due to errors and factors that are sometimes inevitable, like an old hard drive. Don’t store essential files on old faulty hard drives — get a new one.

How Bad Is Data Loss For You and For Your Business?

Losing valuable information is hurtful to the average individual. Especially those who are storing files inside their computer. It can be very upsetting to lose useful files inside your hard drive.

It’s not a very good scenario if you are a student who lost his thesis files. The loss is higher if you are a business owner or a company relying on the information you have on your computer.

Imagine if Facebook suddenly shuts down due to failures of their servers or some mechanical errors in their facility. The sheer magnitude of users affected by such a scenario is unimaginable.

Suddenly, business owners find themselves losing millions or even billions if ever such a scenario unfolds.

Losing critical business or personal related files is a serious matter.

What Causes Data Loss?

Data loss can be attributed to a lot of factors, including human error or system failure. We can add environmental conditions and even mechanical or device failure.

Human errors causing loss of information and files include the overwriting of a file, whether it be intentional or accidental.

Make sure you scan any software before installing it. Malware can also cause file deletion. Viruses can do the same, so be careful when you install any software.

Power loss or power surge, overheating, and any physical damage to your device can contribute to loss of content.

When I Delete A File Can I Say It’s Gone For Good?

Nope! Let’s say you have emptied your recycle bin, and your computer told you that deleting it cannot be undone. Even if you delete it, it is there inside your hard drive.

Your computer knows that when you delete a file, it only sees the removed content as a space that needs overwriting. The deleted file stays there unless you overwrite the area where it resides.

Hence, it is still possible to recover your lost content.

what is data recovery service

What Is Data Recovery?

It is the restoration of deleted files that were removed intentionally or accidentally. It is also a professional service to recover digital information from a hard drive, a web server, a computer, or even from your smartphone.

The retrieval process can be done in an area we call a cleanroom. A cleanroom is an area where dust particles don’t exist. Dust particles may cause damage to the device.

A Data Recovery Expert from San Antonio Texas

Steve’s Data Recovery Service is in San Antonio, TX. Steve and his team are an expert at recovering your content from any device where you store your files. He has extensive years of experience with internal or external hard data recovery and server or RAID recovery.

Steve also offers the same service for laptops and desktops, including:
Mac or Apple computers
Windows PCs
Linux Operated Computers
and other types of equipment with file systems that are NTFS, HFS, UFS, FAT, etc.

We won’t be leaving you in the dark while we do the recovery process. We will explain the details for you to understand the situation.

Things To Do Before Sending Device To A Data Recovery Service

When you are experiencing something that may lead to loss of stored content, make sure you turn off your computer or device. Never take the risk of losing more data by continually turning on your device and trying to figure out how to fix it yourself. If you don’t know what you are doing, the best course of action is to turn off your device to prevent a lot more damage.

Disconnecting your computer will help prevent extra damage. It will also preserve the information inside your device until it reaches our office.

Some users panic due to the inaccessibility of meaningful content and tries some tips they found on the internet. Remind yourself to do it with the utmost care, or you run the risk of losing important files. If you think that your Data isn’t that important, then you may try some Do It Yourself solutions or non-expert personnel to help you. Still, the best course of action is to call Steve and his team of experts.

Comparing Free Do It Your Own VS Steve’s Professional Data Recovery Service

We are not just about getting paid by our clients. It is also our desire to educate our costumers. We help our costumers in their decision-making process, whether to hire a professional service or not.

Free Software You Can Use To Regain Your Lost Files

A word of warning, these software recommendations are only for personal use and never for business owners who have sensitive data.

If the software somehow fails you and cause more considerable damage, that is not saving money at all.

Try This Free Recovery Softwares at Your Own


The people behind this software are known to be veterans in the market. This software comes with a free version that sadly recovers only 500 MB of data. Do you need more? Then purchase the premium version of this software.

The app promises to recover all your deleted documents, photos, music, videos, but it comes with a price.


This software used to be the standard for data recovery programs because of its level of functionality and powerful recovery features. Along the way, other software companies released more efficient versions and upgrades of this type of software. This was initially designed to recover lost partitions and fixes disks that were not booting. It used to be the top choice for hard drive data recovery at a particular moment in time. The downside is that it uses a command-line tool, which not everyone understands.


Data Rescue is another free software you should try if you are looking for a non-expensive solution. This recovery software is a strong competitor to its contemporaries in the market. It is pretty straightforward, and the interface is clean and comfortable for its users.

steve's expert data recovery service

Steve’s Data Recovery Service and Why You Must Try

The above free software are only alternatives if you satisfy the following conditions:

You don’t want to spend money

The Data you lost isn’t that much of an importance to you.

Contacting a professional data recovery service is much effort for you, and you want the easy way out.

Well, it’sits your decision, but here are the things you will genuinely enjoy if you hire an expert to recover data for you.

Peace Of Mind

It is very stressful on your part to know that you have lost something of value, and you do not know how to get it back. Also, it is tempting to do the recovery yourself, but you also run the risk of causing more damage. Experimenting on sensitive materials like your essential files is not recommended.

Call Steve’s Data Recovery Service and let him talk about the guesswork, the stress, and the worries of your shoulder. Peace of Mind is the first thing you get even before you have recovered your digital content.

Your Business Credibility Is Protected

Business owners know that information on their computer helps run their company. Hiring a professional service is like a cup of cold water after a long drought. It ensures that your company’s reliability is solid, and all your customer’s information is in good hands.

People who store important things inside any storage device will eventually have to face the possibility of losing their saved files.

Loss of data means a possible loss of profit.

Professional Assistance

The moment you reach out to Steve’s data recovery service, you will be provided with no less than professional assistance. Not the usual sugar-coated advertising of being professional but real-life connection as client and customer.

We will provide you with the latest cutting edge technology to back, repair, and restore your valuable digital information that needs to be recovered. Updating you each step of the process is part of our professional service, from diagnosis until the final process of delivering your lost information back to you.

Steve’s long years of experience tell you that we are not guessing what the problem is. We will identify the leading cause of the problem and how extensive it is the damage for us to know the course of action to take ensuring a successful recovery.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

Using free service and non-experienced personnel to do the data back-up and recovery for you is a high-risk gamble. You have no assurance of securing your files, and you even risk losing it all. Hence, spending more time and money trying to recover something which has been damaged by the wrong decision gets something for free.

Steve’s expert data recovery service knows precisely what to do and the steps to take to get your lost data back.

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