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We can retrieve important data you've lost from any device

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving lost files due to a lot of reasons that caused damage to your storage drive.

If you are having a data loss experience right now, we suggest that you stop using your device and call us asap. Our experienced engineers will walk you through the entire process and offer you solutions to get back important data you’ve lost.


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Data Recovery

Steve’s San Antonio Data Recovery provides hard drive recovery on a wide range of hard disk drives. That includes internal or external hard drives in different shapes, sizes and brands.

Our experienced data recovery engineers will take on whatever file you need to be recovered from your laptop or computer.

  • We will first run a free diagnostics on your hard drive and determine the root of the problem. We will then inform you of the results. Then we will be able to assess what steps to take to recover your file. We will inform you of the results and we will not be running any recovery unless we will have your approval.

we offer our services for different

Hard Disk Drives

Depending on the physical condition of your HDD, we might need more time in the recovery process. Sometimes, we have to go as far as fixing the components your physical hard drive before we can proceed to recovering the files. We also deal with any brands like Seagate, Western Digital and other known manufacturers.

Internal Hard Drives

These are the common types most consumers have in their homes or offices that are built into their devices.

External Hard Drives

Detachable storage drives that can be plugged into your USB ports for transfer of data.

Server Hard drives

A disk drive that saves the data for a network.

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