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Looking for someone who can fix your laptop? You just found Steve’s Laptop and Desktop Repair Shop. Your all in one solution and best computer repair services.

Computer Virus Removal

Is the operating system of your laptop or desktop running slow than usual? You may have a virus or malware inside your computer. Bring it to us as soon as you can so we can remove it for you.

Our Computer Virus Removal Includes:

  • Removal of any virus, spyware, malware on your laptop or desktop
  • Repair the functionality of your operating system and checking for any issues
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date
  • Modify your system if needed
  • Orient our customers some steps so they can avoid virus infection of their laptop

Steve’s Computer Repair Services specialize in virus removal.

Sometimes computers still get viruses even with antivirus software and keeping them up-to-date. More annoying types of viruses are called malware. Malware does annoying things like display advertisements on your screen. Malware is also called ransomware because you’ll get a display pop up on your computer.

laptop Screen repair

The most common laptop computer repair issue is a Broken LCD. It can be caused by a lot of things. Maybe an upsetting accident broke it.

We offer laptop screen repair at a very affordable cost.

Never let a valuable business asset like your laptop go to waste and be thrown away. Call us and we can replace your cracked LCD screens quickly and at an affordable price with our computer screen repair services.


computer screen repair
liquid damage

liquid damage

We handle repairs for liquid damaged gadgets in a very special manner. First, we need to dry the computer completely and clean it.

Next, we perform actual testing of any further damage caused by the liquid. If our drying and cleaning can fix the problem, then you will be charge with a very reasonable price. If the problem is not resolved, we will be conducting a thorough analysis if you need to have some parts replaced.

You can call us for our computer repair services including this particular concern.

Fix broken hinges

Is you laptop still in one piece or are the hinges already caving in? It can be caused by a lot of things. You might have an over-tightened screw from the makers of your device. Another very common reason for broken hinges are poor quality plastics and user inflected damage.

This problem is very easy to fix for professionals like us. Bring your computer to our shop and we will have your hinges fixed for you in no time.

broken hinges

Steve's Computer Repair Services are

Our 24 Hour Turnaround policy ensures that your repair experience with us will be fast, easy and reliable.

computer not turning on

Computer Not Turning On

What good is a computer that doesn’t turn itself on? Right?!

This problem can possibly be caused by a bad charging port or a hardware issue like your power button not working.

Simply give us a call and bring your device in our shop so we take a look and it and fix it for you.


Charging port repair

If you can’t charge your laptop it means you can’t use it. Charging ports should work all the time. If a charging port is broken, your  computer is as good as dead. Unless, we at Steve’s Computer Repair Shop fix it for you.

broken charging port
macbook repair

macbook Repair Services

Yes you hear it right – we are also working on Macbook Computers.

We provide a fast turnaround service coupled with our years of experience and expertise. Enough to take your macbook woes away and make your device working again.

We also have computer parts for your Mac if it gets to a point where you need to have replacements.

Easy To Find Location

We offer a no hassle service for all our customers, at the same time our location is also very easy to find. Our help and our location is very accessible anytime you need it.